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Booty bands

I love the booty bands! I bought four packs of them as I’m a trainer and my clients love them as well. I will definitely buy more items from you. The delivery time was great too! Thank you

Booty Bands (Fabric)

Booty band

Love it really makes me feel those squats 🔥

Premium Barbell Pad + Straps

At first I didn’t know how to use them and thought they weren’t useful. However, I’ve been using them for my workouts during the past two weeks and I’m loving them. They booty bands help me keep control of my form when I do exercises! I love them so much. Can’t wait to do more new exercises and find new ways to use these bands!


Premium Ankle Strap
Brooke Kent

Good quality ankle strap comes with two metal links on the ankle strap - only disappointing thing is that I have very small ankles and unfortunately this ankle strap doesn't hold when doing cable kickbacks and comes off :(

Booty Loop Bands (Set of 5)

Booty band

Great quality and colors! Love them


Great for heavy weighted hip thrusts

Booty Loop Bands (Set of 5)

I received the bands very quickly. Thank you.
Only problem is at my end I do not know how to use them.

Good bands but I think they should be wider

I’m happy with my purchase but I think to make them even better and prevent them rolling they should wider 🙏🏼🙌

I bought these for my clients and they loved them

Great quality, I purchased these for my clients as a gift to give them in our classes when they sign up - the girls loved the colours and quality, enjoyed using them. Thanks for the prompt delivery too.

Very nice

I really enjoy the bands, although sometimes depending on the exercise they roll up, but I reckon it’s really good for the current price.

Barbell Pad - love it!!

Very happy with my purchase. Great quality and love the pink!!

Soo happy!

Extremely happy with the quality of the product

They stretch to quickly and don’t stay as firm

so great

the most comfortable ever


I tried using a yoga mat before hand and it just wasn’t working for me and for the weight that I was thrusting. I was sick and tired of getting bruises. This is honestly so good for hip thrust can’t even feel the bar. Will definitely be smashing more PB’s with it on! Also great quality. The straps really hold it in place too

Tahlia mccauley

First experience using booty bands and they worked amazing! Great quality, will definitely be purchasing more things from this company

Twin pack booty bands

Very loose. I expected then to be harder.

I love these bands I use the grey one as it works my flutes more they don’t slip down

Love them.

Fantastic. Strong and they don't slip up on me.

Barbell and straps

Love it as it’s the same as the one I used in the gym!

Amazing Barbell pad, great quality!

Wonderful barbell pad that doesn't slip around on bar and provides great cushioning for squats and hip thrusts. Amazing quality and super comfy! Thanks for helping me reach some new PBs!!!!! Def recommend!