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Happy with the product however it took like 2 and a half weeks to come when it said 3-5 days. It was a gift, never replied to my email.

Gym Towel (Zipper/Pocket)
Belinda Gorfine

Gym Towel (Zipper/Pocket)


Barbell Pad is amazing, booty bands are good as well

Wife loves them

Straight out of the bag and a quick lap around the kitchen lunging and they felt awesome

Great band, a little tight though

Colourful booty bands

Yes have used the booty bands, find 4 & 5 are the best as they stay in place being thicker and the resistance being stronger, love the colours

Perfect for Hip Thrusts!

This has been a game changer for me, my gym had very old barbell pads that were useless. This barbell pad is so thick and has allowed me to take my hip thrusts from 55kgs to 125kgs!!!! It's comfortable, thick, supportive and I can't feel the bar through it at all! Very impressed

Premium Barbell Pad + Straps


Love the product. Good communication. Speedy shipping. Would order from these guys again no worries.

Perfect for hip thrusts

Good quality and nice colours

Love these bands and they’ve helped me level up my workouts. They’re good quality and a great price too. I’d buy again


Happy days!!

Booty Loop Bands (Set of 5)

Excellent, love it!

Great colour pink, just like the photo. Straps are excellent for holding it in place, they are very firm. Foam is good quality and have used it a couple times with hip thrusts (>50kg) and it has held up perfectly without any slippage.

Excellent Quality

I bought the pink hip thrust pad and I love it so much. Excellent quality and I use it all the time


It comes to the gym with me more than my friend does! 🤣 even when I’m feeling lazy, it’s so convenient to get a lil workout in at home!

The only fabric bands I’ll buy

I won’t buy another brand of fabric band again. These are great - come in a range of widths and strengths, so great for lots of different activations and exercises. The grips are fantastic and work whether you’re wearing tights (so they grip to the tights) or shorts (so they grip to your bare legs). They wash well and the rubber isn’t compromised by the wash. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

The best bands around

The rubber bands are also great, they’re a good width and come in a variety of strengths which is super helpful. Can use them in hundreds of different exercises. They’re nice and strong and it’s fun to have some colour in the gym. The black bands add that extra pump and again, great to have them in a variety of strengths. Love the barbell pad - that you can use it for squats AND hip thrusts due to the contoured shape - and also love that it comes with straps to keep it attached to the bar (and nice and tight when it’s not being used). Great value bundle.

mini foam roller really helped my glutes!

i have been training my glutes and did not realise the tension hidden in there. the mini foamroler have been heaven sent. wow!

Love this mat

I use it before bed for 45 min and usually fall asleep on it briefly too. I always have a nice deep sleep afterwards.


Great product and great price.

Amazing !!

Love the colour and works so well

Barbell pad

Love the barbell pad. Supports my hips a lot in hip thrusts

Great product

Usually I have to use the pad and a yoga mat when doing hip thrusts but this worked great! No pain on my hips and no need for a mat at all

Yoga Mat (Non-Slip, No Curl)