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Booty Bands (Latex or Fabric)

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Incorporating resistance booty band exercises into your workout schedule can have a positive impact on your performance and fitness goals. Booty bands are a great tool for home workouts — they can add extra load to exercises, making them more challenging, and can also aid muscle activation, including glute activation.

Even though we are not utilising weights or any kind of glute exercise machine, booty bands are a great method to develop strong glutes. When utilised effectively, these bands will supply constant tension and keep your glute muscles fired up throughout your entire workout. This will result in more blood being pushed into the glute muscle, creating a larger pump. This is precisely what makes glutes grow. 

Another added benefit of using these bands is not having to utilize any weights. Rather than weights, these bands can easily be taken and used in any room home and easily stored practically anywhere. You can keep these booty bands in a gym bag, put them in a drawer at work, or simply leave them on the sofa next to you and get some exercise while viewing TV.

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